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Advanced Preneed Planning

Advanced Preneed Planning, located in Alexandria, MN is a business owned and operated by Sean Petermeier. Sean joined his family firm, Petermeier’s Alexandria Funeral Home, on February 1, 1998, as their Pre-Need and Arrangement Specialist. After attending Jefferson High School, followed by Hennepin College and Prosource Insurance Educational Services, he is now a lifetime resident of Alexandria Minnesota. Since returning to Alexandria, Sean has received his degree from the Funeral Service Foundation Board of Trustees, a Certified Professional Consultant designation.

A lot of people ask, “What is Pre-Need?” Well, Pre-Need essentially offers families and individuals the opportunity to plan their own funeral arrangements in advance. It spares the family many difficult decisions by taking care of the worries and vital information that is needed at the time of death.

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Thousands of people are pre-planning their own funerals simply because it makes sense.

We are well aware that this is an uncomfortable discussion for most people to make and it is generally easy to put off. Many people think, “I’m healthy, why do I need to pre-plan now?” The answer is this, why wait until you are older or ill, when the task will likely be more cumbersome at that time.

There are many questions associated with pre-planning:

  • Why should I pre-plan?
  • If I have a will, do I still need to pre-plan?
  • What does it mean to pre-fund my funeral?

To get answers to these questions and others, please contact us to schedule an appointment - Sean Petermeier would be more than happy to sit down with you in the comfort of your own home or at his office for a free, informational consultation.


Advanced Preneed Planning
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